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“Can I create my own form Templates and Clauses?”

Our on-line forms software allows you to save and create your own Template forms and to save your own Special Conditions to import into Contracts, Agency Agreements and Tenancy Agreements.

“I want to integrate with other CRM software I use”

No problem. We have a fully open API for all data and all 3rd party software providers can integrate. Just let us know which software you need to integrate and we will point you to the channel.

“Do I Pay by print copies being Counted ?”

No. Print, Edit and Save unlimited forms annually without restriction. Why Pay More ?

“How do I know these Forms are Compliant in each State?”

Our forms have been in various States for many years and in some States for nearly 20 years and are maintained by law firms and lawyers. As rules change the forms are updated immediately.


After popular demand an esigning option can be chosen above the signing clauses. The Contract can be emailed signed by a Purchaser and then printed and accepted or even signed online too.

“Do these forms have any Professional Accreditation?”

The Society of Auctioneers members in their hundreds have used these Forms in SA for 20 years and the Society is now offering affiliate membership to users throughout Australia.

“How do I control my salespersons and staff accessing the Forms used by my Business?”

The Principal Owner or office manager has full control and the Master Access and sends all login codes to salespersons and staff. These logins can be deleted by the manager when an employee leaves. This is important for your business security.

“Can I put my logo on the Forms”

Yes, not a problem, your Agency name and logo can be imported into your forms from your management page.

“Do you have an iPad App?”

We have a fully integrated iPad App for free use with our system. Our iPad App allows users to use all Forms on an iPad.

Property Inspection Form

We have full Statutory Inspection and Periodic Reports with in form photos enabled, and touch button yes/no screens for Inspection reports and e-signing.


reaforms connected systems

reaforms has several partner integrations and will continue to grow them for the convenience of our members. Please contact us if would like to see your system connected with the reaforms platform and we can explore opportunities to work together for the benefit of our mutual clients.

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At reaforms we’re so confident in our property forms service that we’re launching a 3-month free trial for new users. This offer is available until further notice.

We think that three months will give you and your team enough time to conduct a thorough trial. We will provide you with support during the trial and if at the end, you decide you don’t want to push ahead with a subscription, that’s perfectly fine.

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